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Friday, October 7, 2011

Candidate Advertising: Saving Ronald Reagan from Sarah Palin

How televised we have become and should we really be surprised that Reagan got it right? The loveliest advertisement in all of the history of American presidential electoral politics and then came Clinton. Hugger in Chief. Cheater in Chief. Politics is entertainment and entertainment is politics. From JFKs suit to Clinton’s underwear—the influence Ronald Reagan will have on election year is meaningful and quantifiable.

The path to prominence has become a martyred piece of passionate play and perhaps mostly was used as a breeding ground for indestructible myths.

The American presidency is a personal institution and in the absence of an insane asylum or penitentiary, put him in the white house and let him run the government.

Ronald Reagan ushered in the new era of televised advertising: the more candidate advertisement, the less content and now the candidates have become sound bites crassly, cruelly converted to “reality”.

The paradox of the presidency has become so convoluted that what we want and what we get are two completely separate things.

Sure, some things change, but the presidency? There’s nothing new.

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